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American Founding Principles is an organization dedicated to helping the American electorate understand the origins of their liberty and the means to preserve it. The US Constitution, by itself, will not preserve American liberty. It is only by understanding constitutional original intent and holding elected and appointed officials accountable to original intent that Americans can preserve their remaining liberties or restore the liberties that they have already lost.  As such, much of this blog focuses on the original intent of the US Constitution as applied to current national issues relevant to both domestic and foreign policy.

The primary underlying tenant of Constitutional interpretation is that it is a common legal maxim that all contracts are to be construed according to the meaning of the parties at the time of making them. For anyone today, to interpret the Constitution contrary to its original intent is to change the Constitution by circumventing the constitutionally mandated amendment process from Article V of the Constitution.

We hope you find American Founding Principles useful to building your understanding of original American values and if you have any questions or have something to add, please send a response or leave a comment.

Thank you!

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