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Stopping the Next Columbine

While our nation grieves over another tragic and senseless mass killing there are many among us who advocate the termination of a constitutionally protected right to stop this from happening again. If a constitutionally protected right is abolished or diminished there is nothing to prevent the same from happening to any of our other rights protected by the Constitution.  Even talking about abolishing or diminishing such a right is opening up Pandora’s Box, and since the box has been opened we should talk about banning something else that has killed more people than all the guns in the world: bad ideas communicated via newspapers, news programs, schools, legislators, laws, and judges.

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The Constitution of the United States

This blog is about understanding the original intent of the United States Constitution and applying the principles extracted from its words and clauses to modern issues. Before anyone gets involved in public discourse, they should take the time to read and understand its original intent, because it is “the supreme Law of the Land,” to which all other laws within its jurisdiction must conform. It is vital every American citizen upholds the original intent or nothing that we hold sacred will be spared. This first post references a copy of the Constitution that has all the original spelling, punctuation, and clauses as they appear in the original document.

The Constitution of the United States